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Private Places Series


The Private Places Series consists of the following seven cards. Cards come packaged in a special gift box. Each box contains one of each card in the series, plus mailing envelopes. Artwork is located on the front of the card. Verse is located on the inside. See images and verses for each card below.

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Card 01 - "Parc Monceau"
This card contains the following verse:
You work so hard, you always go beyond what you have to do to make this world a better place. My wish for your is that you find a private place of peace and tranquility and the time to refresh and renew, to take care of yourself and your own needs. View larger image.

Card 02 - "Giverny"
This card contains the following verse:
My friend, you give so much and all I can give to you are my thoughts-that you find a place of joy, a private place of peace to refresh your spirit. You will know that everything you have done is worthwhile, that you have made a difference in the lives you have touched. View larger image.

Card 03 - "Evergreen"
This card contains the following verse:
I wish for you the soft touch of a summer's breeze, the scent of Spring's flowers, to watch the leaves turn in autumn and to feel winter's crusty air awaken your senses. Most of all, my wish is for you to discover a private place of peach and refuge to refresh your spirit. View larger image.

Card 04 - "Tuileries"
This card contains the following verse:
The world seems to be getting more complicated and more difficult. In times like these, it is important for good friends to wish for each other, a place of beauty and harmony, a place to renew the spirit. This is my wish for you, my dear friend. View larger image.

Card 05 - "Rue D'opera"
This card contains the following verse:
Take a moment now and escape into a peaceful place in your mind where the beauty of nature fills all of your thoughts and troubles seem minimal. For the wonderful person that you are, you deserve to have this gift. View larger image.

Card 06 - "Forestwood"
This card contains the following verse:
Walk in the woods with me, wade into the stream, join hands as we travel through fields of flowers. Discover the joy, peace and tranquility that we gain when we take a brief moment in time to retreat from life's complications. View larger image.

Card 07 - "Montmartre"
This card contains the following verse:
May you soon find the pleasure of the planet in the peacefulness and beauty of nature, a time for quiet reflection and renewal. My friend, you deserve to have this gift. View larger image.

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